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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flat Stanley- Sweden (Group 2)

Group 2 has just arrived from a wonderful trip to Kristianstad, Sweden. Thanks Meredith!! (and Felicia!)
We stayed in a small city that was built around 1600 AD according to our host.  The adventures we had and things we learned:
  • Students take off their shoes when they enter into the school
  • School is never cancelled for bad weather and student have recess even if it is raining
  • Sweden in Swedish is called "Sverige"
  • For holidays people often eat fish, such as Herring
  • They speak Swedish
  • Soccer and Hockey are very popular

Even the stamps are amazing!

Adventures we had and places we visited:
  • Elementary School
  • Army building (Legibus Et Armis)
  • Cathedral (built 400 years ago)
  • Public transit
  • Biking around town
  • Feeding ducks
  • Walking on frozen river
  • Castle ruins

We received a special surprise...another package from Sweden! Our flat class also got to go to Ullstrop, Sweden. I loved the milk container in this picture!! Mjolk...beautiful.

What we learned:
  • It is usually raining and cold in Sweden..unlike the hot desert that we live in
  • High School is optional
  • English is taught at the age of 11
  • For fun people hunt mushrooms in the forest
  • Hiking is very popular in this area because of the untouched land

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