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Monday, April 15, 2013

Adjectives are FUN

I thought I better post lessons that went really well and that the students loved. This is one. There were so many opportunities to learn and review other concepts that it was like a learning snowball.
Day One:
  • Discuss the events of the weekend or break.
  • Watch Adjective Video from School House Rocks.
  • Relate video to how they used adjectives to describe their weekend. (Activating prior knowledge and linking to information each student knows)
  • Hunt for adjectives in the video (we added words that we thought should have been in there)

What we learned: An Adjective describes a NOUN...and what is a noun? Person Place Thing Idea

Day Two:
  • Have students use adjectives to describe the classroom. Post a note on something new or add to an existing post it with your own adjective. This is NOT a spelling activity...we are learning adjectives.

An added side note to the sticky note activity: students for days have been adding more adjectives and reading the sticky notes all over the room! More reading opportunities!! I LOVE it.

This stapler brought on quite a discussion about how different people have varied ideas..some thought heavy and some thought light! We decided it is okay to be different and opinionated.

Any student who says "helpful" when it comes to books...is brilliant in my book!!

accuracy I can read the "ADJECTIVES": flat, shiny, silky, and thin

 I have to agree with the adjective "slow" when it comes to my student computers. LOL

Day Two:
  • Write down adjectives that describe yourself. Use one word descriptors!
  • Pick 5 that describe you best and write 1 each on a color strip. Write your name in the cloud.

Day Three:
  • Have each student number a blank piece of paper to write down their guesses.
  • Read the adjectives and have them guess who it is.
  • Discuss which adjectives gave students away and how some adjectives are better descriptors.

Day Four:
  • Pick a very simple shape that is a noun. We brainstormed house, star, tree, flower, alien, football, hair, stick person, heart, butterfly, moon, and Pokeman.
  • We talked about ways to describe these items using adjectives

Day Five:
  • Have students create their chalk drawing
  • Have students go around and add adjectives to the drawings

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