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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flat Stanley- England (Group 1)

The first amazing fact about our arrival home from England was that we flew via Royal Mail!! We even went through customs!
We arrived home with a book of photos and a long story about all we did. We also had maps to look over and post cards to gaze at. All of these wonderful moments are going in a class scrapbook!

We received the English flag which is now hanging in our classroom!

We don't want anyone to be jealous but we did go to:

We had a wonderful time with our hosts! The highlight...the motorcycle rides! Image that. When we were there our littlest host got sick and had to go to the hospital! We were glad we were permitted to visit and cheer him up. We loved it so much our flat group is going back to live. We hope we bring you as much joy as you brought us. Thanks again!

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