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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Properties of Color Fondren 5th Grade Class

Properties of Color
  • Hue
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Value
  • Intensity
  • Brightness
  • Shade
  • Complementary
  • Monochromatic Harmony
  • Analogous Harmony
  • Complementary Harmony
  • Triadic Harmony

Sacre-Coeur in Winter by Maurice Utrillo

Brighter colors in the foreground
Depth created with lack of color in back

Landscape with Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria by Pieter Brueghel

Use of color in foreground

If One Can Anyone Can
All you Gotta Do Is Try

Matisse's Chapel by Faith Ringgold

Look for primary colors? How are they used?
Secondary colors?
Complementary colors?
Use of Monochromatic?
Use of Analogous?
Use of Triadic?

The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles by Faith Ringgold

Dancing at the Louvre by Faith Ringgold

Church Picnic by Faith Ringgold

How the People Became Color Blind-story by Faith Ringgold Link

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photography As ART Baitinger 3rd grade

Photography as Art

  • Photography
  • Landscape
  • Value
  • Contrast
  • Silhouette
  • Wash
  • Ansel Adams
  • John Netherton
  • Bill Campbell

Poppies by Georgia O'Keffe
Length of time to create art

Photograph by Bill Campbell

What are other ways people express themselves through art?

Ansel Adams
American Photographer 1902-1984

Monument Valley by Ansel Adams

Contrast-Where is your highest contrast?
Values-what is the darkest value?

Winter Storm by Ansel Adams

John Netherton 1948-2001
Named by American Photographer Magazine as a "Friend of the Earth"

Great Smoky Mountains by John Netherton

Aerial Perspective-How do the values change with distance?

Photograph by John Netherton

What makes this a silhouette?

Photographer Bill Campbell
Nature photographer, digital photography teacher, presenter and emergency medical physician

Photography by Bill Campbell

Watch for the glowing outline on the darkened silhouetted objects in direct sunlight.

Photography by Bill Campbell

Silhouette with Orchid by John Manno

And right here on HWY 93 going to Vegas we see what we learned about in class!!
Taken Feb. 5, 2012.

To see amazing photograph art, check out Bill Campbell's site:

To see more cool Netherton’s works, please visit his website:

For more Ansel Adams awesome photography, visit his websites:

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