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Monday, April 8, 2013

Flat Stanley- Minnesota (Group 1)

Our world wall is really getting full of our adventures!  Our next trip was to Minnesota.

Our flat class arrived back with 2 hardbound books of our adventures (a class copy and 1 to pass around our homes)

The book had sticky notes inside that told us to open individually wrapped gifts during our reading of the book. We got a hockey puck when we were reading that most kids play ice hockey there. We went to see a huge event that had 28 different ice rinks.

We all received our wings because we got to fly the plane!! And we learned that mice do not like dryer sheets, so we got some for our backpacks. That is how Minnesotans winterize their boats with dryer sheets!

Other highlights:
Photo shoot with a winning basketball team from Los Angeles
Dinner with Cuban food- who wants Yucca?
Contra Dancing
Bluegrass Music- we sat with the band, in their pockets!
Mall of America
Ice Castles in parking lot of Mall of America
Ice fishing
Guthrie Theater

There are so many you will need to come on over and read our amazing book!!!

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