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Friday, March 1, 2013

Quotation Marks

Sometimes a lesson just comes together.  The students loved this activity!
1.  Pair Students
2.  Each pair gets an envelope that contains a whole sentence-words only and individually cut
3.  Students work together to create a sentence that makes sense

When they have their sentences finished....
4.  Ask students to give you five! (Capital, Subject, Verb, Makes Sense, Punctuation)  What is missing?

5.  Give them all sorts of punctuation marks and see what they come up with.
6.  Play Video if they need help with quotation mark placement. Or play it just for fun!!

7. As a follow up lesson or review, play feet punctuation. Students are given a giant words and must build a sentence with correct punctuation using their feet.

And after a fun day using quotation marks... we say goodbye to our class Punctuation Mascot!!

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