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Monday, March 25, 2013

Flat Stanley- South Carolina (Group 2)

 South Carolina

The kids went wild for this package!! They have studied a few of the places we visited and just glowed when talking about how our flat selves had been there. They also loved the gifts that arrived for each of them. We loved the massive amounts of pictures of us in all of these fun places.

The highlights:
USS Yorktown and Patriots Point- I wish you could have seen the students when they heard we went here! "I know that ship!" "I studied that!"
Fort Sumter- "Whoa, we just learned about that place!" Civil War history comes to life!
Megalodon- "Is that a Megalodon tooth!!! Is it? Is it real??!!" (shh don't tell, but I didn't know what that was until now. But the kids sure knew what the teeth were from. So, I now have a fossil Megalodon tooth and my husband is so jealous!) Everyone was ecstatic about having their own tooth.
Isle of Palms Beach-we did wear our swim suits for this trip.
Charleston Historic District


  1. Flat Stanley is so much fun! We have Flat Stanley visiting us right now and we are taking him to Chicago with us tomorrow. We're planning to take him to see sharks at the Shedd Aquarium. :)

  2. Jen, Thank for stopping by. I just love all of your wonderful book recommendations on your site...and we try so hard to join in on Reading Mondays. Flat Stanly is so great. My students LOVE it. We had a class go to Chicago too!! Hope they enjoy it as much as we did.


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