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Monday, March 18, 2013

Flat Stanley- Chicago (Group 2)

We visited Northfield, Illinois in Cook County. This is a small community on the north shore of Chicago. According to our host, sites nearby are Lake Michigan, Willis Tower (the tallest building in North America with 110 floors), and O'Hare Airport. The community loves sports, arts and politics. Home to the famous Chicago Cubs (we now have our own class cards) and Blackhawks(who are currently 22 and 3 right now)!! Broadway shows sometimes start in Chicago before they go to New York.

Did you know that President Obama is from Chicago? We just learned that!

We got to go to library story time with Mrs. Debbie! We went to a card making workshop where we sat on card makers shoulders. We went to a benefit dinner.  We also went to a birthday dinner for our host's son.

The elementary schools are a little different from here in Utah. The classrooms are small 12-15 per class. Most kids walk to school and everyone brings lunch from home! Wow, that is different.

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