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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exit Ticket with Movement

In my quest to be a great educator, build lifelong learners, follow research best practice and to utilize what I am learning in my technology cohort class..I am trying some new things.

After listening to a webinar (BretfordUniversity) about movement and looking at the research, I created an exit ticket outside my door that was a review using a hopstotch game. This webinair discussed how, "Movement is an essential factor in how people learn".

Students reviewed 2 strategies that help us become better writers. 

Gimme 5- 5 essential elements to a sentence

  • Capitalization
  • Subject 
  • Verb
  • Makes Sense
  • Punctuation

MINTS-When do we capitalize

  • M- Months, Days, and Holiday
  • I- When the letter "i" is alone 
  • N- Names
  • T- Titles of movies and books
  • S- Sentences

The students had a fun time and increased their speed in saying what things go in a sentence and what things we capitalize with each time they did the hopscotch. They even asked if they could do it during lunch!!

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