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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Homophones and Multiple Meaning Words

My students struggle with homophones and multiple meaning words. So they are creating a super visual to remind them of the difference. I found an amazing online site that has researched based activities that I have been using and the students love. The Florida Center for Reading Research has an amazing intervention page and has activities by grade level and reading subject click here.

 We reviewed that a multiple meaning word is 1 word (like a bug has 1 head), 1 word that has multiple meanings. Example for our bug is the word Bug: 1) an insect 2) to annoy someone

 We are looking for multiple meaning words/bugs to add to the ground at the base of our tree.

 Our homophone tree began with a pair of pears. Students have really been thinking about homophones and will even stop while we are reading when they make a discovery!! "Hey, I found a homophone." Anyone can add to the tree as long as the word or pair of words is not already there. We also are using this as our exit word wall reading practice.

It will be full by the end of the year!!...actually I couldn't wait to show you how much the kids have loved this..in just a couple weeks. The students come in at recess because they have found a word to add to the tree!!!

And because we want another way to remember what 2 words that mean the same thing..homophone pairs on a pear tree..pairs of shoes..we wore our homophones on our feet!!

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