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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Making Nouns Plural

We had a brief discussion about the rules of plurals. We did write on the tables!! Don't tell the principal! We talked about our class and how we all learn differently. The students decided they wanted to teach the lesson using the way they learn! We will see what they come up with..

DAY 2: Student Lead Lessons
My students decided they wanted to teach the lesson and each choose the way they learn best. We have 4 different lessons taught by 4 different people!!:

TRADITIONAL LESSON- We were shown rules and given examples.

VIDEOS AND SMART BOARD- We were lead in a video discussion on the SMART board.

GAMES- We played a game called "Bang". We read our spelling words for the week and told what rule it followed or needed to make it plural. If you get the word "Bang" you lose all your cards.

MOTION- We played a game similiar to Hallaballoo..were you had to step on the plural rule that matched what was called out. Example if the word baby was called out...the rule you step on was "change Y to I and add ES"
We used a KWL chart and filled out what we know about plurals, what we wished we still knew.  Then we watched the video about plural from brainpop and filled in our what we learned portions to see if we learned anything new.


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