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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Monday Reading

It’s Monday! 
What are you Reading? 
 Jen and Kellee’s meme have a weekly link for reading enthusiasts who would like to share what they are reading. This week we are reading Christmas books!

We wanted to work on our predicting skills this week. What we did while looking at this wonderful pop up book was to look at what we know about the celebration of Christmas and then predict what we thought each letter would be.

As we made our predictions we would discuss how some of us thought the same but on other letters we had lots of different ideas. We discussed that most of the time we have different ideas and how that makes things more interesting.

Each letter has an exquisite pop up and all of our smiles at each one was amazing. Everyone loved this book. Although..we wondered and discussed:

Why Y was not for Yo Yo?
Why Z was not for Zebra? Although we all laughed when we saw what Z was.
And Why R was not for Reindeer?

Check it out. It is a beautiful book.

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