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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art Lesson Learning the Color Wheel (Baitinger)

View of Toledo by El Greco

How does El Greco help your eyes find the focal point?
How does he set it apart from the background?

Wayside Inn by Currier & Ives

What does the use of the primary color red do to your eye?
What is the focal point?

Thatched Cottages by Maurice De Vlaminck

What colors did the artist use here?
Do you see places of high contrast?
Can you find complimentary colors?

Marc Chagall (1887-1985)
Marc Chagall was a Russian artist. He was known for his style: Fantasy. He used his Jewish heritage to create art that told Bible stories and folk tales. He also did wonderful stain glass art in Jerusalem and Paris. He was the first living artist to have his work in the Louvre in France.
Feathers in Bloom by Chagall

Does Chagall use primary and secondary colors?
Where do you see the most contrast?

Rain by Chagall

What is the subject matter?
Can you find complementary colors or analogous colors?

Aritst and Model by Chagall

Do you see our primary colors?
What is our subject matter? and focal point?

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